Monday, February 2, 2009

such a boring day!!

adoiii...i hate raining because i can't go anywhere

browsing the internet searching how to make fish ball kinda boring because all the recipe were almost the same..but i have a rough idea how to making my version of fish ball.. this is for school project..

it sound simple by the material i use were little bit leceh..i had given 3 option of local fish which were haruan, lampan jawa and puyu...and i choose puyu..

i need to turn puyu to be product that can't be commercialize so i had idea to turn puyu to cheesy fish ball with using my own will be fusion base on thai recipe and little bit western..hope it will turn to good product..hopefully laa..

i dunno what to do right now..n i felt malas to study...that is my weak point im not a guy who can spend time to read text book more then 5 minute..sigh~

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