Sunday, February 1, 2009

omg picture!!

here some random shoot i took during the trip..hope u guys enjoy it..cheers :D


the ray of light

eeee ulat bulu~


hahahahaha so pity this restaurant!!

vroommm vroommmm

kekunci karat~

see its look similar...heh

haha sempat shoot this foto for free meal heh

huishhh sexy ass :p

back to the nature for me is awesome!!


Jiaren said...

nice...fave for me is the door lock...

alem said...

im still lauya in manual mode shoot..still learning :p

suffyan razzaq said...

superb, alem!!

Jiarne said...

best way to learn is to do an event...confirm kena use manual coz all the auto setting tak sempat keep up with the changing lighting...

alem said...

yea i realize that..I'm poor in predict the exact lighting..but im still learning..