Tuesday, February 10, 2009

keh...time to reduce some weight

i dunno y...but kali ni im serious on losing some weight...i wan to look hensem too n im bored to admit my self cute even that its not true..im just fatty white fagot.. im done admit my self cute..time to change...i wan to look great...

being gemok make me lose confidence dealing with something even i have the courage...the courage doesn't enuff..kali ni im serious...but i will lose some benefit being gemok..for me being perverted in this shape people can accept it..i think so..but slalu like that laa...

that mean if i manage reduce my weight i have to stop being a pervert...i think i can do that...insya-allah..

just to satisfy my self n to make clear on empunya diri..

criteria of woman to be part of Mohammad Halim Bin Jeinie life

- tak banyak soal benda yg kecik aka stupid question cth apa laman web avg, avira n kepersky?

-i don't care how she dress or wearing tudung or not..

-she must be intelligent

-she must not too bossy

-she must be other people consider to other people...

-not to much hiding secret..

-she enjoying traveling

-play video games

-she got open minded

-she not timid on one thing

-she must be a positive kind of girl...how to be explain hah...senang laa she a not type that demoralize people..

-i think got more but i can't recall all :p

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mInImOy said...

aku pun mok menguruskan badan.

g jogging jom?

(azam Tahun Baru sik kesampaian for me..hangat2 taik manok jak)